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Yellow Waterlily Itoh Peony

Introducing the Yellow Waterlily Itoh Peony, a rare and stunning hybrid that combines the best qualities of Garden Peonies and Tree Peonies. With its vibrant yellow blooms resembling the delicate petals of a waterlily, this peony variety brings a touch of sunshine and joy to any garden or floral display. Itoh Peonies, like the Yellow Waterlily, are highly sought after for their unique attributes and exceptional beauty. Whether used for mass planting, as a specimen plant, or in small space gardening, this versatile peony thrives in various settings. Sold in a 15cm pot, it offers convenience and easy placement. With its sturdy stems and lush green foliage, the Yellow Waterlily Itoh Peony proudly showcases its magnificent blooms, creating a striking visual impact.

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