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Wintercreeper - Emerald 'n' Gold

This stunning shrub boasts dense branches adorned with eye-catching, emerald green foliage edged in gold, creating a vibrant and picturesque display all year round. As winter approaches, the leaves take on a charming pinkish-red hue, adding an extra layer of beauty to your landscape. Whether used as a ground cover, mass planting, or as a low accent plant, Wintercreeper - Emerald 'n' Gold proves its versatility and beauty in various garden settings. Its compact and mound-shaped form makes it an ideal choice for hedging, adding structure and texture to your outdoor space. With a preference for full sun to partial shade, this evergreen shrub is easy to care for and is sure to delight with its year-round visual appeal. Spreads 3inches to 4inches, ideal for zones 5-9.