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Serendipity Flowering Onion Pw® # 1 PW Cont

Serendipity Flowering Onion is a captivating perennial featuring rosy-purple globe flowers that beautifully contrast against its striking blue foliage. The flowers emerge atop the plant, creating an eye-catching display. When the leaves are crushed, they release a distinct onion fragrance, adding an interesting sensory element to your garden. This plant is a magnet for bees and butterflies, drawing them in with its abundant nectar and providing a valuable food source for these pollinators. Serendipity Flowering Onion thrives in full to part sun, ensuring it receives the necessary light for optimal growth and flowering. With a mature height of 50cm and a spread of 37cm, it forms a compact and well-proportioned clump. Ideal for zones 4-8.