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Pink Hawaiian Peony

With its stunning, fully double blooms in captivating shades of pink, this peony variety brings joy and beauty to any space. Each petal is delicately layered, creating a lush and full appearance that is truly captivating. Emitting a delightful fragrance, the Pink Hawaiian Peony adds an extra sensory element to its allure. With sturdy stems, it proudly displays its magnificent blossoms, ensuring they remain upright and prominent. Thriving in full sun to part shade, this peony adapts well to various growing conditions and provides versatility in garden design. The lush green foliage serves as a perfect backdrop, accentuating the vibrant pink flowers. As a cut flower, the Pink Hawaiian Peony is a showstopper, bringing elegance and charm to floral arrangements. With a mature height of approximately 80cm, it adds height and dimension to garden beds and borders.