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Pecher Peony

With its large, double blooms in delicate shades of soft peach and creamy pink, this peony exudes elegance and grace. Its velvety petals and subtle fragrance add to its allure, creating a truly captivating experience. Standing tall on sturdy stems, the Pecher Peony commands attention, making it a striking focal point in any landscape. The lush green foliage provides a beautiful backdrop, contrasting and enhancing the beauty of the blooms. Whether used in arrangements or as a standalone beauty, the Pecher Peony is a reliable choice with its long-lasting blooms and sturdy stems. With a mature height of approximately 80cm, this peony variety adds vertical interest to borders, garden beds, or mixed plantings. Easy to care for and resilient, the Pecher Peony is a must-have for garden enthusiasts seeking a touch of luxury and sophistication.