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Orchid Frost Dead Nettle # 1 CG

The Orchid Frost Dead Nettle, known as Lamium maculatum 'Orchid Frost,' is a captivating perennial plant with scalloped blue-green margins and shimmering silver center foliage that beautifully contrasts its tubular orchid pink flowers. Thriving in full to part shade, this compact plant reaches a mature height of 30cm with a spread of 60cm, making it suitable for borders, woodland gardens, or as a ground cover. Ideal for zones 3-9. Its striking foliage and charming flowers add visual interest and elegance to any garden setting. With regular watering and maintenance, such as removing dead foliage, the Orchid Frost Dead Nettle will flourish, showcasing its enchanting colors and thriving in shaded areas with grace and beauty.