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Kalm St. John's Wort

Introduce a touch of natural splendor to your garden with St. John’s-wort, Kalm (Hypericum kalmianum), a native mounded shrub renowned for its abundance of rich golden-yellow flowers and striking blue-green foliage. From late spring to early fall, this versatile species captivates with its vibrant blooms and enduring beauty.

Ecological Benefits:

  • Enhance garden biodiversity with St. John’s-wort, Kalm, as it provides valuable habitat and food sources for local wildlife, supporting a diverse array of pollinators and beneficial insects.
  • Embrace the natural cycles of the seasons as this native treasure transitions from lush green foliage to a stunning display of golden-yellow flowers, adding visual interest and charm to your outdoor space.
  • Foster sustainability and environmental stewardship by incorporating St. John’s-wort, Kalm, into your garden, as its low-maintenance nature and minimal resource requirements make it an eco-conscious choice for conscientious gardeners.

Growing Details: 
Flourishes in zones 5 to 9
Height: ~3inches
Width: ~3inches 
Lighting: Sun, part shade