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Hibiscus Bush Asst 10"

Introducing the Hibiscus Bush Assorted, a stunning flowering plant that brings tropical charm to any space, infusing indoor environments with vibrant blooms and lush greenery.

Lighting: To enhance its blooms and promote healthy growth, Hibiscus Bushes thrive in bright, direct sunlight. Place them in a sunny spot where they can bask in the sunlight to ensure optimal flowering.

Watering: Keep your Hibiscus Bush well-hydrated by watering it daily with warm water. Cold water can shock the plant, so it's essential to use water at room temperature. Ensure the soil remains evenly moist but not waterlogged to support healthy growth.

Soil: Provide your Hibiscus Bush with well-draining soil to prevent the roots from becoming waterlogged. Good drainage is crucial for maintaining the plant's health and vitality, ensuring optimal conditions for growth.

Temperature & Humidity: Maintain temperatures above 10°C for your Hibiscus Bush and aim for humidity levels between 40% to 60%. These conditions mimic its native tropical habitat, providing a comfortable environment for the plant to thrive.

Fertilization: While Hibiscus Bushes don't require heavy fertilization, a slow-release 14-14-14 fertilizer can provide the necessary nutrients for healthy growth and abundant blooms. Additionally, supplementing with extra magnesium and iron can further support the plant's vitality.