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Cinderella Swamp Milkweed #1 Cb

Discover the enchanting beauty of Swamp Milkweed 'Cinderella' (Asclepias incarnata 'Cinderella'), a captivating native cultivar cherished for its delicate blooms and ornamental seed heads. From spring to early summer, this exceptional plant graces the garden with pretty flowers that transform into elongated fluffy seed heads, providing interest well into the fall months. With densely woolly foliage and a compact growth habit, 'Cinderella' is perfect for mass plantings and small-space gardening, adding charm and ecological value to any landscape.

Ecological Benefits:

  • Swamp Milkweed 'Cinderella' attracts a variety of pollinators, including butterflies and bees, with its nectar-rich flowers, supporting local ecosystems and enhancing garden biodiversity.
  • As a milkweed species, 'Cinderella' serves as a vital host plant for monarch butterflies, providing essential food and habitat for their caterpillars, contributing to the conservation of this iconic species.
  • Utilize 'Cinderella' in small-space gardens, containers, or urban landscapes, where its compact growth habit and ornamental qualities can be appreciated up close, bringing beauty and ecological value to limited outdoor spaces.

Growing Details:
Flourishes in zones 5 to 7
Height: ~16inches
Width: ~16inches
Lighting: Sun, part shade