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Cardinal Flower # 1 Cb

Embrace the striking beauty of the Cardinal Flower (Lobelia cardinalis), an outstanding native perennial that commands attention with its tall spikes of brilliant red flowers and lush dark green foliage. Blooming from late summer to early fall, this exquisite plant thrives in rich, moist soil, creating a vibrant focal point in any garden landscape. With its irresistible allure to hummingbirds and its versatility in mass plantings, attracting butterflies, and serving as a cutting flower, Cardinal Flower is a must-have for gardeners seeking to elevate their outdoor spaces.

Ecological Benefits:

  • Cardinal Flower is a favorite among hummingbirds, providing abundant nectar and serving as a vital food source for these graceful flyers, enhancing the beauty and biodiversity of your garden landscape.
  • As a native plant species, Lobelia cardinalis contributes to the preservation of local ecosystems and supports native pollinators, promoting the conservation of native plant species and fostering a resilient and sustainable garden landscape.
  • Plant Cardinal Flower alongside other butterfly-friendly plants to create a haven for butterflies, attracting these enchanting insects and providing them with a sustainable source of nectar and food.

Growing Details:
Flourishes in zones 3 to 9
Height: ~36inches
Width: ~24inches
Lighting: Sun, shade