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Blue Angel Hosta # 1 CG

With its silver-blue leaves forming a dense and lush cascading mound, this Hosta variety creates a visually striking display. Standing at a mature height of 90cm and spreading up to an impressive 180cm, it becomes a standout feature in any landscape. Ideal for zones 3-9. Thriving in full to part shade, it is well-suited for shaded areas or under tree canopies. Adding to its allure, the Blue Angel Hosta produces elegant white, bell-like flowers on tall stems, providing a touch of grace and charm. With its low maintenance requirements and reliable growth habit, this Hosta is suitable for both experienced gardeners and beginners. Transform your garden with the captivating beauty of the Blue Angel Hosta, featuring its impressive size, silver-blue foliage, and graceful blooms, creating a stunning and vibrant atmosphere that will enchant year after year.

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