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Blue Rug Juniper # 3 Container

Experience the allure of the Blue Rug Juniper, a ground-hugging gem thriving under full sun. Its captivating blue-green foliage blankets the earth, infusing serenity into your landscape. Ideal for ground cover, mass plantings, and drought-prone areas, this juniper combines beauty with resilience. Watch it cascade gracefully, adding charm to your garden.

Ecological Benefits:

  • Its dense foliage and spreading habit help prevent soil erosion, anchoring the earth and protecting against runoff, especially on sloped landscapes.
  • Thriving in drought-prone areas, these junipers reduce the need for frequent watering, promoting water conservation and sustainability in your garden.
  • Providing shelter and refuge for small animals and insects, these junipers contribute to the overall biodiversity of your garden, creating a balanced ecosystem.

Growing Details:

Flourishes in zones 3 to 9

Height: ~3-6 feet

Width: 6-8 feet 

Lighting: Full sun