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Paper Birch (Clump)

The Paper Birch, also known as White Birch and scientifically labeled as Betula papyrifera, is a stunning native tree prized for its iconic white bark and vibrant yellow fall foliage. Known as one of the fastest growing birches, this species will create a haven of natural elegance for years to come. 

Ecological Benefits:

  • Create a haven for pollinators and wildlife as the Paper Birch supports essential symbiotic relationships, enriching your outdoor space with the buzz of activity from bees, butterflies, and birds.
  • Harness the soil-preserving power of this tree, as it grows a robust root system to prevent erosion, enhance soil health, and efficiently absorb excess rainwater.
  • Opt for sustainability and ease with the Paper Birch, a low-maintenance choice that thrives with minimal intervention, requiring fewer resources compared to non-native alternatives.

Growing Details:
Flourishes in zones 2 to 9
Height: ~59inches
Width: ~26inches
Lighting: Full sun