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False Sunflower # 1 Cb

Experience the perpetual beauty of False Sunflower (Heliopsis helianthoides), a radiant perennial that illuminates the garden with its single, bright gold flowers from spring to fall. Forming an upright clump, this charming plant captivates for eight weeks, attracting butterflies with its nectar-rich blooms and transforming into a bird feeder in the fall, delighting both avian visitors and garden enthusiasts alike. With its irresistible allure to butterflies, hummingbirds, and birds, False Sunflower is an ideal choice for mass plantings and creating a vibrant wildlife habitat.

Ecological Benefits:

  • False Sunflower is a haven for butterflies, providing abundant nectar and serving as a vital food source for these enchanting insects, enhancing the beauty and biodiversity of your garden landscape.
  • With its bright gold flowers, False Sunflower also attracts hummingbirds, adding a touch of excitement and energy to the garden as these tiny avian acrobats flit from flower to flower, sipping nectar and pollinating as they go.
  • As summer transitions to fall, False Sunflower morphs into a bird feeder, offering nutritious seeds to birds and providing essential sustenance for our feathered friends as they prepare for the cooler months ahead.

Growing Details:
Flourishes in zones 3 to 6
Height: ~4inches
Width: ~22inches
Lighting: Sun