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American Elderberry

Immerse yourself in the splendor of the American Elderberry (Common Elderberry) (Sambucus canadensis), a native shrub revered for its graceful arching branches and versatile beauty. With its summer blooms, fragrant flowers, and bountiful fruit, this exceptional plant serves as a standout specimen, attracting birds, providing privacy, and thriving in diverse garden environment while producing fruit good for jellies, pies, juices, and wines. 

Ecological Benefits:

  • The American Elderberry attracts birds with its clusters of small creamy-white fragrant flowers and purple-black fruits, offering essential food sources and shelter, contributing to the vibrancy of your garden ecosystem.
  • Incorporating this native shrub promotes sustainability and environmental stewardship, as its adaptability to various soil conditions and drought tolerance reduces the need for excessive watering and chemical interventions, fostering a healthier garden and planet.
  • Celebrate the natural beauty of the Canada Elderberry, as its long arching branches and dense foliage create an effective windscreen and privacy barrier, enhancing the tranquility and seclusion of your outdoor sanctuary.

Growing Details: 
Flourishes in zones 3 to 9
Height: ~10inches
Width: ~8inches 
Lighting: Sun, shade