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Trembling or Quaking Aspen

Embrace the ethereal beauty of the Trembling Aspen (Populus tremuloides), a fast-growing native tree renowned for its graceful form and distinctive quivering leaves. With its smooth greenish-white bark and brilliant yellow foliage in the fall, this slender tree adds a touch of elegance, vibrancy, and privacy to any landscape.

Ecological Benefits:

  • Enhance garden biodiversity with the Trembling Aspen, as its dense foliage provides valuable habitat and shelter for birds and small wildlife, contributing to the health and balance of your outdoor ecosystem.
  • Foster sustainability and environmental stewardship by incorporating this native tree into your garden, as its adaptability to various soil conditions and low-maintenance nature reduce the need for irrigation and chemical interventions.

Growing Details: 
Flourishes in zones 1 to 9
Height: ~33inches
Width: ~16inches 
Lighting: Sun