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Common Boneset # 1 Cb

Embrace the natural charm of Common Boneset (Eupatorium perfoliatum), a delightful perennial boasting loose, white flat-topped flowers that adorn deep green foliage throughout late spring to mid-fall. With its clumping habit and slightly aromatic leaves, E. perfoliatum is an easy-to-grow plant requiring minimal maintenance, making it a perfect choice for mass plantings and attracting butterflies and birds to your garden sanctuary.

Ecological Benefits:

  • Common Boneset is a favorite among butterflies, providing essential nectar and serving as a vital food source for these winged beauties, enhancing the biodiversity and vibrancy of your garden landscape.
  • In addition to butterflies, the vibrant blooms of Common Boneset also attract birds, adding another dimension of wildlife interest to your outdoor space and contributing to the ecological balance of the ecosystem.
  • As a native plant species, Eupatorium perfoliatum promotes the health of local ecosystems and supports native wildlife, fostering a harmonious environment where plants and animals thrive together in symbiotic balance.

Growing Details:
Flourishes in zones 3 to 8
Height: ~4inches
Width: ~24inches
Lighting: Sun, part shade