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Immerse yourself in the understated elegance of the Eastern Hop-hornbeam (Ironwood) (Ostrya virginiana), a medium-sized ornamental tree that captivates with its slow growth and timeless appeal. Once established, this native gem becomes a cherished favorite, adding beauty and character to any landscape.

Ecological Benefits:

  • Enhance garden biodiversity with the Eastern Hop-hornbeam, as its dense growth habit provides valuable habitat and shelter for small wildlife, contributing to the health and balance of your outdoor ecosystem.
  • Foster sustainability and environmental stewardship by incorporating this native tree into your garden, as its low-maintenance nature and adaptability to various soil conditions reduce the need for irrigation and chemical interventions.
  • Celebrate the natural beauty of foliage with the Eastern Hop-hornbeam, as its vibrant green leaves turn a warm yellowish hue in the fall, creating a stunning display of seasonal color that adds depth and charm to your landscape.

Growing Details: 
Flourishes in zones 3 to 9
Height: ~39inches
Width: ~30inches 
Lighting: Sun, shade